• Olive Nurseries VertoudosWe have the unique quality of Cretan olive Koroneiki variety. Wholesale trees at the best prices.
  • Olive Nurseries VertoudosOrnamental olive trees for all social events but also for your home, your porch or your yard.
  • Olive Nurseries VertoudosOur greenhouses are equipped with all modern means of cultivation and care of the olive and meet all required specifications.
  • Olive Nurseries VertoudosThe proliferation of mist has excellent results in comparison with other methods, resulting in more production and excellent quality.
  • Olive Nurseries VertoudosOur olives are grown naturally, outdoors, in various areas in the region.

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Welcome to Cretanolivetrees.gr

The OLIVE NURSERIES "VERTOUDOS" deals with the multiplication of olive trees more than 10 years. The two generations of Agriculturalists have combined the experience, the knowledge, the thirst for progress and in an area of two acres created a modern unit that is unique in the region. Our aim is to create olive groves of high quality exempted from virus infection with certified multiplicative material and vaccines.

In our shop you will find the best varieties of olive nurseries as well as horticultural and seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. In our site you will find our products and services, our venues and you can make your orders online by clicking on the link contact!